Heartbeat IV

Heartbeat IV – a Dufour 45e – is originally based in Burnham–on-Crouch on the UK East Coast. For the last three years she has raced in classic offshore races either side of the Atlantic.  Prior to this she has undertaken racing with the East Anglian Offshore Racing Association. Heartbeat IV races on the East Coast of the UK, and in events organised by the Royal Ocean Racing Club.  The following videos show Heartbeat  IV and her predecessor Dufour 44 Heartbeat III underway; in the Pattinson Cup 2011; the Sunk Race 2011; the Thames Estuary Race 2011; the Walker Challenge Cup 2011. In 2011 Heartbeat IV competed in the Rolex Middle Sea Race. Heartbeat IV  completed the ARC 2012 coming 3rd in the RORC Racing Division A.  She was placed 3rd in IRC Class 1 in the 2013 RORC Caribbean 600.  Other videos of Heartbeat can be found by searching YouTube for heartbeatoffshore (one word). Heartbeat IV will be again in the Caribbean for charter (contact – Horizon Yacht Charters (Antigua) Limited – at info@antiguahorizon.com) after she returns from the 2014 Newport-Bermuda Race for which she is currently being prepared for the start on 20th June.  The race can be followed on Yellowbrick Tracker.

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The Onion Patch Gets Closer

June 25th, 2014

..but very slowly. Airs have continued to be very light predominantly easterly – rarely above 10 knots and mostly in single figures but we have continued on a variety of fetching, tight reaching and upwind to get in the right general direction. Day 4 was very gentle sailing with 1 Portuguese Man O’War seen briefly, [...]

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More of an Amble than a Thrash to the Onion Patch

June 24th, 2014

We are now in day 3 of the Race with day 4 to start at 1340h.   Has been predominantly light winds with some up to 22 knots.  Sea conditions fairly unremarkable. We have done about 450 nm.  However in that time we have seen whales, dolphins, flying fish. The dolphins have been present at [...]

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Final prep for Newport Bermuda Race 2014

June 19th, 2014

The never ending list of things to do continues.  Final compliance for NBSR completed (included short wave radio receive, crew training confirmation, additional liferaft rental). Bermuda immigration completion at New York Yacht Club.  Yellowbrick Tracker fitted.   Non-required gear packed and loaded onto container for delivery to Bermuda.  Anxious wait for sails and liferaft delivery. [...]

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Westbrook to Mystic to Newport

June 19th, 2014

Crew arrived at Brewers Pilots Point Marina on 13th June – all work done by excellent team and boat final prep started.  Jason, Judy, Grace and Nicola arrived early hours on 13th – all upgraded courtesy of assorted airlines. Marcus arrived later that day.  Previously keel has been removed and checked. On headsail hoist had [...]

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12 days 16 hours and 40 minutes (approximately)

June 8th, 2014

The Heartbeat IV team begin to fly out to the US on Thursday – initially Jason, Judy, Grace and Nic, shortly followed by Marcus, Paul, Sarah, Roger and then by Trevor, John and Ash.  Final work being completed at Westbrook.  Sea Survival update undertaken with approval in the UK rendering us compliant. A few pics [...]

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Heartbeat IV getting ready for Bermuda Race!!!

May 22nd, 2014

Judy, Jason, Paul,  Marcus and Trevor have just spent a very, very intensive few days transitioning HBIV back from delivery/charter mode to race mode. With great support from the team at Brewers Pilots Point Marina (particularly Jeremy Maxwell) we arrived to find her tied up on the dock and in no time at all Senior [...]

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Heartbeat IV on her way to Long Island

April 30th, 2014

HBIV set off on 26th April from Antigua via Barbuda, for Long Island, and specifically Pilot’s Point Marina. Captain Chris Rundlett is delivering with two others and are making steady progress. In the meantime the shoreside organisation continues.  Any race like the Newport Bermuda requires huge logistic support and planning. Examples of what need to [...]

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Progress for Bermuda Race 2014

March 21st, 2014

For those that don’t know he Newport Bermuda Race is a 635-mile ocean race, much of it out of sight of land, usually lasting three to six days. It crosses a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean known for challenging weather, especially in the Gulf Stream, where there are strong currents (http://bermudarace.com/race/). It’s the most important [...]

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Heartbeat IV is a Dufour 45e. She and her predecessors have raced regularly in the East Anglian Offshore Racing Association Series, RORC series and Rolex Fastnet races. Heartbeat IV did the Rolex Middle Sea Race in 2011, the ARC in 2012 and the RORC Caribbean 600 in 2013. She will be again available in the Caribbean for charter in 2014 after her return from the 2014 Newport-Bermuda Race. Her owners are Jason & Judy Payne-James.

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